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Welcome to Rock Caravans & Motorhomes - a family run business
Rock Caravans formally D M Rock & Son is a well established family business trading in the Midlands for over 21 years. We are proud of our reputation for friendly, straight talking, no pressure sales approach. Our loyal customers are proof of this, welcoming them back time after time with repeat business over the last 2 decades.

The two senior partners Matt and Dave Rock adopt a personal approach to all aspects of their business from sourcing caravans to the preparation and servicing. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of value for money caravans, from starters vans to luxury family vans. All preferences are catered for from 2 berth to 6 berth; single/twin axle, end washrooms, fixed bed etc...

All our caravans come with a peace of mind guarantee. As licensed credit broker we also offer tailor made finance packages to suit all pockets with very competitive interest rates.

Where others just track...
we get it back!

Tel: +44(0) 1926 863 630